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    1. Coiler Machine for Wheel Rim

      The discharge end can be designed with an automatic discharging platform that is conducive to the automatic transportation of the work piece.
      The wheel rim coiler machine features an integrated design, that melds deburring, stamping and coiling into one machine, saving labor and floor space.

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    1. Flash Butt Welding Machine It is used for welding the steel wheel rim after the welding joint has been flattened. The work piece clamping, welding and weld slag removing are all driven by the hydraulic system.
    1. Trimmer, Planisher, End Cutting Machine The wheel manufacturing equipment comes with a single piece design and shares one hydraulic system, which reduces the number of needed operators and saves floor space.
      The automatic feeding and discharging mechanism has a 3 process, and 4 location design
    1. Horizontal Flaring Machine The horizontal horizontal flaring machine is an important piece of rim equipment in wheel rim production lines. It is designed to flare rims after the welding and re-rounding processes. The machine can flare both edges on the rim into a horn mouth, making it convenient for the following roll forming process.
    1. Roll Forming Machine

      Roll forming machine is also known as a wheel rim forming machine, and is used for symmetrical or asymmetrical roll forming of steel wheel rims. The roll forming equipment consists of the main machine, hydraulic transmission system, pneumatic system, PC control system and lubrication system.

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    1. Horizontal Expanding Machine

      It is an important piece of wheel rim machinery for expanding and sizing the rim after the roll forming process. The molds on the expanding equipment are specially designed for easy disassembly. When changing the molds, they can be lifted out integrally, which saves time.

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    1. Valve Hole Punching Press Xiaoya Precision Machinery Company supplies valve hole punching presses for pressing and punching valve holes on the tubeless wheel rims. This hole punching machine uses a dual power hydraulic system and is comprised of the main machine, the drive mechanism, and the electrical control cabinet.
    1. Leak Testing Machine This leak tester is used for rim welding seam testing. Put the rim welding part into the testing mold, and then fill tracer gas into the confined space to detect and judge the airtightness of the weld seam.
    1. Run-out Measuring Machine Our runout tester is designed to measure the lateral and radial runout of rims, used in the automatic steel wheel production line. The lateral and radial runout data of the rim are automatically collected by laser ranging and scanning, then the qualified products are automatically determined and the unqualified products are sorted.
    1. Tooling Design and Manufacturing We work with wheel, automobile and auto stamping companies, and they have consistently come to us for their needs. No matter what tools you need, whether it be for spoke manufacturing, tooling for wheel rim manufacturing, or stamping tools, we aim to meet your requirements.