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Technical Support

For different products, we provide different solutions.

1. Steel Wheel Production Line SolutionAccording to wheel specifications, annual output,processing standards and other conditions of wheel makers, we can assist them in formulating the mostappropriate wheel production line solution, covering all processes, from coiling, to butt welding,trimming, roll forming, expanding, and sizing, through to the final assembly of wheel rims and discs.

2. Tooling SolutionsBased on manufacturer's processing requirements and equipment conditions, we can offer designing, process planning, and manufacturing solutions for wheel production tooling and stamping dies.

For engineering installation, we can offer the necessary project construction drawings, foundation drawings, circuit layouts, and connection diagrams of various pipeline to help agents or users to correctly install the wheel making machines.

For rim equipment that features remote control functions, we can provide remote diagnoses of equipment running states, trouble removal, parameter revisions and more.